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Why pay a fortune at the spa for facials when you can get professional results from the comfort of your own home?

By adding Nuubu's Matcha Green Tea Detox to your skin care routine, you can experience numerous different benefits.

  • Younger looking skin

    The special blend of compounds in this facial mask help to reduce the look of fine lines and provide your skin with the antioxidants and vitamins that it needs to look glowing and radiant.

  • Improved hydration

    Our special, hydrating formula increases the skin's moisture, making it appear more supple and adding a youthful, brilliant glow.

  • Fewer blemishes and acne breakouts

    By thoroughly cleansing the skin's pores, the Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Mask contains ingredients that can help minimize unhappy skin. The vitamin A, C and antioxidants that it contains can keep your skin clean and clear by removing impurities and providing a deep cleansing action.

  • Healthy glowing skin

    The Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Mask will brighten your appearance, helping you look and feel beautiful and more vibrant.

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