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Beautify your Skin with Nuubu Sheet Masks

  • Beautification: makes your face skin tighter, increases transparency.
  • Anti-aging: tightens the pores, reduces wrinkles.
  • Refreshing: moisturizes your face to great effect.
  • Natural Ingredients contains the traditional Japanese ingredients.

The Cornerstones of Our Skin Beauty
Everything You NEED to Know About Revitalizing Your Skin


Nuubu sheet masks contain 25ml of beauty essence which will hydrate and penetrate the deepest layers of your skin. The effective hydration will make your face skin firm & youthful: a full rejuvenation effect guaranteed!


Nuubu sheet masks help your skin to remove toxins, they can also cleanse your skin pores. Aloe vera, avocado & peach solution vitamins, minerals & other nutrients included in the Nuubu sheet masks are great for soothing your skin.

Acne relief

Carefully selected ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter or hazel extract can help to calm irritation & inflammation that often accompany the acne-prone skin. Hydrate, brighten, detoxify and treat: those are the four cornerstones of Nuubu sheet masks!

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