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Change your life with the power of Matcha Green Tea

Old traditions
Matcha Green Tea powder has been used for centuries in traditional techniques. It’s therapeutic properties have been used throughout the ages by natural practitioners to increase your harmony with nature, decrease the signs of aging and create enhanced wellness.

The Rich History of Matcha Green Tea
Matcha Green Tea originated in China in the sixteenth century and quickly grew in popularity. Its endless wellness benefits gave it a prestigious status and it was used at tea ceremonies and drank by the wealthiest members of society.

Matcha Green Tea Today
This beverage has grown in popularity in recent years after being introduced to the Western world. Many different studies have been done on its endless benefits and it is now not only considered just a drink.

How to Brew a Cup of Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder

How to Brew a Cup of Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder

Creating this satisfying and healthy drink at home is easy!

  • Simply add 0.5 to 1 tea spoon of matcha to your favorite mug or glass.
  • Add 2 oz (60 ml) of hot water.
  • Using a spoon, electric frothier or a small whisk, mix the Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder until it is well blended and smooth.
  • Add more hot water to taste, 2-6 oz (60 - 175 ml) recommended. Enjoy!
You can also add your Matcha Green Tea Detox powder to protein shakes, smoothies, smoothie bowls or yogurt and still enjoy all the same benefits.

Enhance your wellness with Nuubu’s Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder!

Matcha Green Tea has many well known benefits. Drinking Nuubu Matcha Detox Tea may help you to:

Improve brain stimulation
Matcha Green Tea contains caffeine and a substance called polyphenols that can help to keep your brain awake and focused. It can help you stay focused for longer periods of time, and users have reported that their memory is working better and they are more productive.

Boost your metabolism
Users say that Matcha Green Tea has helped rev up their metabolism. It can enhance your body’s ability to burn fat which can affect the weight loss process. Plus, Matcha Green tea doesn’t contain any excess calories, meaning it is the perfect drink for those looking to shave off a few extra pounds.

Enhance your mood
The same polyphenols that keep your brain more alert, can also help boost your mood as well. Drinking a cup of Matcha Green Tea each morning can help you keep your mood lifted and improve attitude.

Reduce the signs of aging
Matcha Green Tea is loaded with a ton of antioxidants. These antioxidants are excellent for the health of your skin and can give you a healthy, glowing complexion. They can also help reverse the signs of aging and can help you look younger.

Improve your immune system
Antioxidants help keep your immune system strong and protected. To improve your immune system next winter, try drinking a warm cup of Matcha Green Tea each day.

Enhance your energy levels
Matcha Green Tea contains energy enhancing properties that can help power you through your busy days. A cup in the morning canl help keep you alert and awake and ready to take on the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder safe for everyone?

A: Matcha Green Tea is generally considered safe when consumed in moderate quantities. Since it does contain caffeine, it should be avoided by pregnant women, breast feeding women, children, and anyone with caffeine sensitivity. It should also not be consumed in excess as it may cause insomnia, jitters, irritability and headaches. *

Q: Does the Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder taste good?

A: This detox powder has a very mild taste that is pleasing to most tastebuds. If you don’t enjoy the flavor, you can add sweetener or add the powder to your favorite foods or drinks.

Q: Is Matcha different from regular green tea?

A: Matcha and green tea both come from the same plant but Matcha is prepared differently. The entire tea leaf is ground up and consumed, instead of being steeped and then thrown out, as with a green tea bag. Because of this, you are getting all of the nutrients that are inside the plant.

Q: How much Nuubu Matcha Green Tea Detox Powder should I drink?

A: One cup of Matcha Green Tea is equivalent to ten cups of regular tea. This means that one serving per day will be enough to keep you energized and give you all of the wonderful benefits that you are seek.

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